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We like tech stuff, sciences, funky art and design, and most of all, learning. We are Australia’s largest tertiary institution. CRICOS 00122A.
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"I want to get into a sport statistic field.  Hopefully work for an AFL club or a sporting club. 

I grew up in Wangaratta, rural Victoria.  I moved out here for uni. My sister’s already down here so it was a pretty smooth transition.  I love the lifestyle at RMIT. It’s really different, your more independent, which is really good.”     

(Jacob, Bachelor of Science (Statistics))

"I’m really excited to go into an advertising agency after graduating.  

My friends and family inspires me the most in life.”

(Louise, Bachelor of Communications (Advertising))

"I’ve been at RMIT for just one month.  I’m fresh.  

RMIT is just perfect for me. Oh and it’s friendly.”

(Candy, Masters of Landscape Architecture)

"I’m an international student from Singapore.  I came here to speed up my studies.

RMIT is a place I can study and make new friends.  A place I can learn something new for myself that I can apply to my career in the future.

I’m a member of Aikido club.  Something I do in my free time.”

(Rico, Construction Management)

"I find osteo interesting, there’s lots of work though.  I chose osteo `cause I like sports.  I really enjoy my sports.  I did my knee two years ago now and I went to an osteo and they helped me.  I was like this is cool.

When I’m not studying I play at lot of netball.  Studying takes up a most of my life.  I work a part-time job waitressing at a local café and just hang out with friends.”

(Verity, Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy))

I actually want to be a paramedic.  I’m using nursing as a gateway to get to it.  I find being a paramedic fascinating.”

(Alyssa, Bachelor of Nursing) 

"Both my sisters went to RMIT. One studied Arts and the other Biomedical Science. I like the vibe and culture of RMIT.  Everyone here is friendly, there are always smiles everywhere, it has an open concept where the lecturers and tutors are really good.

I admire Will Smith.  He is a cool guy.  He puts aside skin color, he’s not racist, he’s very rich but very lay back as well, very humble, he has humility.”

(Shafeeq, Bachelor of Nursing)

"I chose nursing `cause I want to work with kids but don’t want to be a teacher. 

I live a five minutes drive from RMIT. I literally roll out of bed and into Uni.

RMIT is something I do.”

(Jemma, Bachelor of Nursing)

"I chose chiropractic `cause my dad’s a chiro and I’ve grown up with it and nothing else really suited me.  I’m from Adelaide and you can’t study it there. Melbourne was closest to home and also most appealing location, who doesn’t want to live in Melbourne.

I like picnics actually. I take my study and my food that I’ve made at home and just sit outside.”  

(Chelsea, Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic))

"I enjoy learning again. It’s been a few years since I’ve been at uni. Before this I was doing music. It’s a dramatic change but it’s good. Definitely challenging.

I admire Sting. He’s master the art of not only writing music but progressing through music.  Keeping it relative to the era.”

(Regan, Bachelor Health Science (Chiropractic))

"I went to an osteo when I was younger because of back pain and decided to study it. RMIT is the only place in Victoria that offers osteo.  I’m first year and really enjoy it."

(Taylor, Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy))

"Originally, I am from Zimbabwe but I moved here from England six years ago.  

I’ve met a lot of good friends at RMIT.  Beside of education, the teachers here are really nice as well.  It makes a big difference.”

(Mark, Bachelor of Nursing)

"I love what I study and expect to become an expert in my field in the future. I am enjoying my study life at RMIT and I like what I’ve learnt from here and appreciate what I have learnt. It’s great to be sociable and make new friends here."

(Cynthia, Diploma of Visual Merchandising)

"I’ve made quite a few friends here, and through that we’ve done things inside RMIT and outside of RMIT.  At RMIT I attend functions and events offered by the Union (RUSU), bbqs, produce free food, stuff like that.   I also get involved through working at the SLC (Study and Learning Centre). I do two different jobs there. I’m an SLA, which is the most recent job. It’s Student Learning Assistant and their role is to support students from the drop-in centre down the Building 12 (City campus) and support them with any questions they may have in maths, science, chemistry or English writing as well.” 

(Will, Master of Chemistry by Research)

"First and second year I did a lot of studio work in building 2 with live subjects.  We had models coming in, photographing them. This year it’s a little bit more about myself and everyday life. Kind of like a bucket list type of thing. With the stuff at the moment, they’re all video work with my phone. One of the items on the list was yoga. So I went to yoga and I filmed myself at the yoga class. It was a cool thing."

(Eloise, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art))