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We like tech stuff, sciences, funky art and design, and most of all, learning. We are Australia’s largest tertiary institution. CRICOS 00122A.
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"My friend, he’s in the same course with me, I met him on the first day. He came here from South Africa, so like me he didn’t know anyone and was looking at me and I started talking to him and we became friends. 

Melbourne – I like it because it’s really peaceful. Everyone is friendly. I’ve been to other cities as well, but… I don’t know. Somehow, Melbourne – everything is perfect here.”

(Tareq, Civil Engineering)

"I love coming out to the city a lot. I love the vibe. I think a lot of the people in my course are quite inclusive and you know, you don’t feel like you’re asking the wrong question. 

I definitely loiter a lot in Readings out at the State Library. I also hang out in Building 9, the atelier space. I generally go for modern, post-modern classics, that sort of thing.”

(Elaine, Bachelor of Communication) 

"It’s my second week here.  Every Wednesday I come to trade school.  It’s pretty nice, I like the scenic views, the city life. 

Born in Melbourne, grown up in Melbourne, just living in Melbourne, makes me a Melburnian. I love Melbourne.”

(Nick, Electrical Certificate 3 in Electrical Technology)

"Graphic design was one of my high school interests that I had.  I’ve worked in the industry around Melbourne for a good 4-5 years.  Now I’m taking another path.  It wasn’t an abrupt change. I went through and did co-curricular studies through online universities and after doing 6-7 units went cool, this [criminology/psychology] is for me."  

(Brad, Bachelor of Arts (Criminology and Psychology) 

"When I graduate I probably want to get a job at some airline company, fixing planes.

I’m a wresting fan.”

(Mohammed, Aerospace Engineering)

"I want to be a mediator.  People just come to me with their problems and I mediate so I chose to go for legal and dispute studies.  

I think coffee makes me a Melburnian. I get mine from Mr Tulks.”

(Steph, Legal and Dispute studies)

"RMIT to me means friends, meeting new people, learning, education, a bit of fun really. Fun is generally hanging out with good mates, having a laugh, relaxing. I run a lot, I like to run.

Working and living in London was pretty amazing.  I worked in a fashion label studio, a really small one and I did all their production for them, which was really cool.”

(Jarrod, Textile Design) 

I’m an introvert per say.  I get my energy from being on my own.  Friends are a good thing to have but once in a while I like to come over here and slouch on the grassy patch and unwind.”

(Mirrah, Bachelor of Communications)

"I am lucky to be a part of RMIT University. I want to be a Manager of indirect sales channel department. I am really enjoying my time in Melbourne. RMIT family is adorable."

(Ali Zeb, Masters of Business Administration)

"I chose RMIT because I just liked the services that they provided that were different from the other ones. A lot of the other unis I looked at was more like you just go in and study and that’s kind of it. Whereas at RMIT, it has a lot of different student services, like the resume help and stuff like that."

(Tash, Primary school teaching)

“RMIT has the best reputation for fashion courses.  RMIT to me is creativity. At least in terms of the arts, they’re quite well defined.  Personally, I’ve enjoyed my studies here.  I’d like to work in management in fashion.”

(Alex, Masters of Fashion and Textiles)

"I love that I’m actually at the Brunswick campus. It’s great to be in the city but I love that ours is centred outside of the city and we have such an awesome creative environment.

Once I finished, I loved to get a job in the fashion industry, gain some experience at a fashion company. I’d also love to travel overseas to England to live for a little bit, see what the fashion world is like over there. `Cause that’s now one of the modern fashion capitals. So you know Paris, Milan are always going to be fashion capitals but London’s stepping up its game so I’d really love to go live there for a bit and have a look at what they’ve got to offer over there.”  

(Sarah, Associate Degree of fashion Design and Technology)

"Student union (RUSU) is a huge part of my university experience. I moved from a different university and I came to RMIT and the first thing I did was go to the union and try to get involved. RMIT culture and all the stuff that comes out from the union and what the union can actually provide for students, like advocacy services, the counselling services, like that to me is my favourite thing about RMIT that there is somewhere for students when they are struggling.

I’m torn between music and politics. I didn’t intend to get involved in politics, it kind of just happened but music’s been my whole life. I’ve been singing my entire life. Like soul, RnB and jazz type of stuff.”

(Abena, Bachelor of Social Science (Psychological)

“The program I’m studying is pretty unique to RMIT. It has more business in it, I guess.  I thought I knew what I wanted to go into when I started but I don’t know… I relax by doing hand stands in the park… seriously.”

(James, Fashion and Textile Merchandising)

“I just joined RMIT. This is my first semester and it’s been amazing actually.  I love it here. I love the campus.  Some people prefer the campus to be outside the city but I like that it is in the heart of the city.  People are really friendly here so that’s a good thing.”

(Redwan, Civil Engineering)