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43: My day was slightly stressful today because I had a mid semester presentation (which I wasn’t overly prepared for) so when I came out for my break it was so nice to hang out in the sun. The alumni garden at RMIT is one of my favourite places ever, today it just made everything so much better, I did some writing, ate my lunch and just relaxed between classes.


Investigating possible options for study if I decide to move to Melbourne before completing my degree. I think I really want to major in Jewellery & Small Objects for my Fine Arts degree, but it’s hard to find a uni in Melbourne that has jewellery & smithing studios.

So far I’ve found RMIT…

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Hey, guys! Come down to Bowen street at RMIT today and say hi! Get a free sausage and learn more about how you can and should give to yourself at the Chill & Grill!